Trade marks

Oh why…did the copyright claims against Ed Sheeran fail? 

On 6 April 2022, after a high-stakes, eleven day trial, the High Court of England and Wales declared that Ed Sheeran, singer/songwriter, did not infringe copyright relating to the song “Oh Why” by Sami Chokri. The allegation that Ed Sheeran copied the catchy parts of “Oh Why” was therefore dismissed by the Court.

Refiling refreshed registrations: what are the rules?

Logos often evolve over time. It’s a way to maintain consumer recognition by retaining familiar, recognisable features, whilst also keeping up with design trends. Olivia Hamilton discusses ‘non-use’, ‘bad faith’, and the rules around re-filing refreshed trade marks.

Successful copyright claim for the Duchess of Sussex

In early 2021, the High Court of England and Wales found that Associated Newspapers Limited, , had infringed copyright belonging to the Duchess of Sussex and unlawfully invaded her privacy. We analyse what led to the decision of infringement in the Duchess’ case.