The Greenshoots Podcast by Appleyard Lees – episode 16: the entrepreneurial journey of Mags Walker, founder of the fabl and Toolally.

Serial entrepreneur Mags Walker joins Appleyard Lees partner and solicitor Chris Hoole to talk about her journey from ‘Big Four’ accountant to owner of two successful start-up businesses.

Mags is the founder of Yorkshire-based marketing agency the fabl, and Toolally, a statement fashion accessory brand supplying accessories to the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and featured on the cover of Vogue.

In this special episode, Mags and Chris discuss:

Mags’ early career | Mags’ first experience of running a business | Learning from previous experience | The entrepreneurial bug | The importance of doing what you love | The founding and growth of the fabl and Toolally.  


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