Oral proceedings by video conference at the European Patent Office

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In oppositions and appeals at the European Patent Office (EPO), oral proceedings may be the final opportunity for a party to present submissions before an adverse decision is announced.

Established forum

Traditionally, oral proceedings are held on the premises of the EPO, in Munich, The Hague and Berlin. However, since 1998, oral proceedings before the Examining Division have alternatively been held, typically upon request by a party, by video conference. Previously held using dedicated IP technology, video conferences are now held via Skype for Business or Zoom.

Video conferencing and access to justice

The devastating coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic transformed adoption of holding oral proceedings by video conference, so as to sustain access to justice for parties. In 2019, about 900 oral proceedings before the Examining Divisions were held by video conference, increasing to more than 2,300 in 2020. Additionally, oral proceedings are now routinely held before the Opposition Divisions and the Boards of Appeal. In 2020, more than 300 oral proceedings before the Opposition Divisions were held by video conference and the EPO plans to achieve the same number monthly in 2021. Between May and October 2020, 120 oral proceedings before the Boards of Appeal were held by video conference.

Similarities and differences

The implementing of regulations and conduct of oral proceedings differ between the Examining Divisions, the Opposition Divisions and the Boards of Appeal. The following table can be used as a reference guide to how each of these conduct their Oral Proceedings:

Oral Proceedings Examining Divisions Opposition Divisions Boards of Appeal
In person Serious reasons only Serious reasons only (oral proceedings postponed)By default (no end date)
By video conference By default (no end date)By default (pilot project extended to 31 January 2022)Upon request by a party or of own motion (no end date)
Mixed or hybrid (in person and by video conference)Not knownUnder discussionUpon request
Different locationsYesYesYes
Technical informationSkype for Business ZoomZoom, Skype for Business
Filing of documentsEmailEmailEmail
Simultaneous translationNot applicableYesYes
Taking of evidence (witnesses)YesYesYes
In publicNoYes (generally)Yes (generally)
Adverse decisions

Here are some examples of an adverse decision: refusal of a patent application is an adverse decision for the Applicant while revocation is an adverse decision for the Proprietor, respectively. Conversely, maintenance of a patent may be an adverse decision for an Opponent while maintenance of a patent in amended form maybe an adverse decision for both the Proprietor and the Opponent. Such adverse decisions may have substantial economic consequences, thereby motivating the respective parties to achieve desired decisions.

Right to be heard

Oral proceedings are fundamental to the right to be heard under Article 113 EPC: the decisions of the European Patent Office may only be based on grounds or evidence on which the parties concerned have had an opportunity to present their comments. This is interpreted as not merely the right of a party to present comments but also as the right for the party to have their comments taken into consideration. The right to oral proceedings is codified by Article 116 EPC: “oral proceedings may take place at the insistence of the EPO, if it considers it expedient, or at the request of any party to the proceedings”.


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EPO continually updated information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – continually updated information


Examining Divisions

Decision of the President of the EPO dated 17 December 2020 concerning oral proceedings by video conference before examining divisions


Opposition Divisions

Information about access to oral proceedings by video conference before opposition divisions


Examining Divisions and Opposition Divisions

Notice from the European Patent Office dated 17 December 2020 concerning the taking of evidence by video conference by examining and opposition divisions


Boards of Appeal

Oral proceedings before the Boards of Appeal – continuation of the measures adopted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and revised practice on oral proceedings by VICO


Filing of documents

Decision of the President of the European Patent Office dated 13 May 2020 concerning the filing of documents during telephone consultations and during interviews and oral proceedings held by video conference


Taking of evidence

Instructions for witnesses giving evidence by video conference 


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