Mapping the commercial landscape for quantum technologies

As a second generation of quantum devices begins to move out of physics labs and into the marketplace, Andrew Fearnside offers a tour through the developing commercial landscape.

This second generation promises to take us into a new era far beyond today’s familiar digital technology landscape. Quantum advances have the potential to disrupt many sectors of the economy, including not only IT, computing and telecommunications but also engineering, transport, navigation, finance, defence and aerospace.

The UK’s quantum technology programme has identified gaps in the quantum technology marketplace that are not being filled by the existing big technology providers – or at least, not yet. Government funding, coupled with the academic freedom to pursue new and disruptive innovations, is surely key to accelerating developments in these fields.

According to ColdQuanta CEO Dana Anderson: “Quantum is here to stay. Hype is present, but tools really are available to perform at the quantum limit. You must work at that limit to be competitive.”

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