Green hydrogen patent filings on upward trajectory

In the 2022 edition of Appleyard Lees’ Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report, our attorneys analysed patent filings across several key environmental issues facing the world, including energy, materials, and alternative proteins and food production.

The 2022 section on energy revealed green hydrogen patent filings are reaching global highs. The report shows filing rates increased steadily through the 1990s, followed by a 160% leap in filings through the second half of the 2010s.

Section authors, patent attorney Chris Mason, and trainee patent attorney Kealan Fallon, conclude that while innovation in areas such as hydrogen fuel cells is progressing, high levels of capital investment in infrastructure, favourable regulations, and/or government support, will be required to progress the technology further, and bring it into the mainstream economy.

Read the full report on hydrogen: Hydrogen – Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report 2022 (

Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report

In November 2021, we published the first edition of our report, examining global progress in green innovation, and what it might mean to countries, commerce and the planet.

For 2022, we’ve refined the scope of the report.  We have revisited the innovation areas of plastics, batteries and food production, and for the first time included analyses of technological developments in carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), hydrogen, heat pumps and solar energy, all of which are grouped into the categories of food, materials, and energy.

Read the full report. 

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