Global patent filing data reveals increasing investment in insect-based proteins

In the 2022 edition of Appleyard Lees’ Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report, our attorneys analysed patent filings across several key environmental issues facing the world, including energy, materials, and alternative proteins and food production.

The report’s chapter on alternative proteins found investment in harnessing insect protein is increasing, notably in countries where the concept has become more widely accepted.

From 2015-2020, global patent applications for insect protein more than doubled (from 133 to 278), with innovation concentrated on insect breeding, harvesting, processing equipment, vertical farms, genetic modification and types of resulting food products.

Author Chris Mason said “There are signs that regulatory agencies are starting to accept processed insect protein as viable for human consumption. This should increase confidence, and attract further innovation investment in the sector.” 

Read the full report on insect protein: Insect protein – Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report 2022 (

Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report

In November 2021, we published the first edition of our report, examining global progress in green innovation, and what it might mean to countries, commerce and the planet.

For 2022, we’ve refined the scope of the report.  We have revisited the innovation areas of plastics, batteries and food production, and for the first time included analyses of technological developments in carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), hydrogen, heat pumps and solar energy, all of which are grouped into the categories of food, materials, and energy.

Read the full report. 


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