Someone’s copying my invention! What should I do?

What do you do if, before you have obtained a granted patent, a third party starts selling a product that looks like your invention? Is there anything you can do to stop the third party? Does your patent application provide you with any rights before the patent is granted? Parminder Lally and Simon Ambroz answer these questions.

From Snail Mail to Streaming: The Netflix IP Story

Many of us are familiar with binge-watching TV series on Netflix, but few of us are familiar with Netflix’s vast intellectual property (IP) portfolio. We take a look at Netflix’s IP story in this article, which contains as many twists and turns as one of its original dramas.

Protecting the intellectual property in games

First published in Cambridge Catalyst, Simon Ambroz explores the surprising number of things that can be protected by intellectual property in the world of gaming. Game development requires a substantial investment of time and money, as it often takes creators several years to design and launch a new game. Mobile games can be developed more […]