Patent Box: tax relief for patent owners and patent licensees

As provided in the recent UK budget announcement, the UK corporation tax rate is set to rise from 19 to 25 percent from 1 April 2023. As a result, companies should now be thinking about whether they can make use of the tax relief provided by the Patent Box scheme.

The Greenshoots Podcast by Appleyard Lees, Episode 13: the intellectual property story behind vaccines & other health innovation.

What’s behind the headlines and soundbites? Patent attorneys Richard Bray, Barbara Fleck and Kate Hickinson discuss patents as drivers of vaccine and health technology innovation, and the reporting of patent issues by mainstream media. Discussion topics include: patents – fuelling innovation, or protecting corporate interests? | the need for patents & IP rights | the […]

AMRD case study

Area/Sector Electric Aviation, Green Mass Air Transportation, Aerospace, Decarbonisation of aviation Name of inventor(s)/entrepreneur(s) Kamran Iqbal and Norman Wood of AMRD, inventors with a wealth of combined practical hands-on experience in the aerospace sector, are innovating solutions to enable hybrid and all-electric aircraft development for green mass air transportation. General details of the invention: Name […]

Patenting mobile apps

The patenting of mobile apps is generally seen as challenging in view of the common misconception that software is not patentable. However, certain aspects of apps that solve technical problems can certainly be patented, as we know from experience in this area. Here, we take a look at patents for popular apps, to see what […]

Our journey with Quantum Base

Co-founded by Phill Speed, CEO, and Professor Rob Young, Chief Scientific Officer and Royal Society Research Fellow, Quantum Base span out from Lancaster University. Quantum Base has invented, developed and patented a portfolio of unbreakable nanoscale quantum security devices that are simple, scalable, small and cheap. Appleyard Lees has worked with Quantum Base since their […]