Tech transfer teams’ IP challenges post-COVID-19 and beyond: part five, emerging trends for UK spin-outs and leveraging IP for funding

Part five, emerging trends for UK spin-outs and leveraging IP for funding In part five of our series, Appleyard Lees patent attorneys Ean Davies, Parminder Lally and Rachel Mercer lead a virtual discussion on emerging trends for UK spin-outs, and how spin-outs can leverage their IP for funding. Our attorneys discussed issues including: New funding challenges for spin-outs […]

Someone’s copying my invention! What should I do?

What do you do if, before you have obtained a granted patent, a third party starts selling a product that looks like your invention? Is there anything you can do to stop the third party? Does your patent application provide you with any rights before the patent is granted? Parminder Lally and Simon Ambroz answer these questions.

Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part one – patents

Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world is a series of articles exploring the effect of COVID-related disruption on start-ups’ management and monetisation of intellectual property (IP), an essential consideration for start-ups in the growth and development phase. These articles focus on specific challenges start-ups are facing right now. Changes in the way start-ups […]

From Snail Mail to Streaming: The Netflix IP Story

Many of us are familiar with binge-watching TV series on Netflix, but few of us are familiar with Netflix’s vast intellectual property (IP) portfolio. We take a look at Netflix’s IP story in this article, which contains as many twists and turns as one of its original dramas.

Legal and ethical challenges of data-driven healthcare innovation

In the present climate it is clear that there is enormous pressure on healthcare systems across the globe. Further, an increasingly aging population leads to a number of healthcare challenges including that people are living longer generally with one or more chronic conditions.

Covid-19 and IP: the green shoots of recovery

First published in Cambridge Catalyst, Parminder Lally explores how the pandemic has accelerated innovation. Wow, what a strange year 2020 has turned out to be! For the January issue, I was asked to write about my tech and IP predictions, but I did not predict that many of us would become remote workers almost overnight. […]