Introduction to intellectual property: myths and misconceptions

Intellectual property can help a business protect its innovation and brand, while making it more attractive to investors. In this webinar, Aurora’s Joshua Dent discusses the basics of intellectual property (IP) with patent attorney and senior associate Parminder Lally and trade mark attorney Daniel Bailey.  They bust common IP myths, explain why business owners should develop an IP strategy at an early […]

Is it worth patenting your AI tools for drug discovery?

Often, when the AI identifies a drug, and experiments confirm it is useful for the intended purpose, the drug can be patented. But what about the AI itself – can the AI be protected by patents, and should you try to?

Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part five – managing know-how and trade secrets

This series of articles explores the effect of COVID-19-related disruption on start-ups’ management and monetisation of intellectual property (IP), giving practical guidance to start-ups to improve and preserve their position for the future. Part one of our series focuses on strategic considerations for managing patents during this unprecedented time Part two outlines strategies start-ups can […]

Tech transfer teams’ IP challenges post-COVID-19 and beyond: part five, emerging trends for UK spin-outs and leveraging IP for funding

Part five, emerging trends for UK spin-outs and leveraging IP for funding In part five of our series, Appleyard Lees patent attorneys Ean Davies, Parminder Lally and Rachel Mercer lead a virtual discussion on emerging trends for UK spin-outs, and how spin-outs can leverage their IP for funding. Our attorneys discussed issues including: New funding challenges for spin-outs […]

Someone’s copying my invention! What should I do?

What do you do if, before you have obtained a granted patent, a third party starts selling a product that looks like your invention? Is there anything you can do to stop the third party? Does your patent application provide you with any rights before the patent is granted? Parminder Lally and Simon Ambroz answer these questions.