Oppositions, appeals and access to justice at the EPO post-lockdown

Appleyard Lees partners and patent attorneys Bobby Smithson, Jennifer Delaney and Howard Read lead a discussion on potential post-lockdown changes to oppositions and appeals at the European Patent Office (EPO), and how tactics for achieving desired outcomes are changing as a result. Our speakers also discussed: How will EPO oppositions likely be conducted post-lockdown? In-person v. ViCo | What […]

British Steel case study

 Successful defense of a monopoly, ensuring further proceedings were withdrawn.  Our client, British Steel, is a UK based manufacturer of high-quality steel products, exported worldwide.   The matter Having advised on British Steel’s IP previously, Appleyard Lees was approached by the company to handle the defence of one of their existing European patents at the […]

Weir Minerals case study

Successful defense of a monopoly for a multinational manufacturer of mining equipment.  Our client, WEIR Minerals (WEIR), is a multinational manufacturer of mine dewatering equipment, with an annual revenue of almost £2.7 billion.   The matter While the majority of WEIR’s end users are based in Asia and North and South America, many of their […]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare: An Intellectual Property Perspective Artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine learning (ML), is already transforming transport, telecommunications and retail. Globally, the top ten patent applicants and proprietors for AI/ML related-inventions include Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Google, Zongcheng Li, State Grid Corporation of China, Samsung, Qualcomm, Hitachi and Panasonic. AI and […]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: sufficiency and plausibility

Computer-implemented inventions At the European Patent Office (EPO), examination of computer-implemented inventions (CIIs) is well-established. A CII is defined by the EPO as one which involves use of a computer, computer network or other programmable apparatus (generally, a computer), in which one or more features are realised wholly or partly by means of a computer […]

Computer-implemented simulations – referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal

The European Patent Office (EPO) have just announced an interesting referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) which is likely to affect the patentability of ‘simulation’ methods. In this article, Howard Read explores the issues behind the referral and its likely impact. Background – EPO Boards of Appeal The Boards of Appeal are the […]

An evening with the Board

An evening with the Board: Computer-Implemented Inventions on Appeal at the EPO The Boards of Appeal at the European Patent Office (EPO) are the only judicial instance in the procedures before the EPO. The Boards review contested first instance decisions, such as arising during examination of European patent applications and opposition of granted European patents. […]

New guidelines for examination in the EPO

Examination of patent applications at the European Patent Office (EPO) should conform with the Guidelines for Examination in the EPO, which are updated annually. The much anticipated and updated November 2018 edition, valid from 01 November 2018, is available here: Guidelines for Examination. Of note, guidelines related to exclusions from patentability under Article 52(2) EPC […]