Protecting IP in lab-grown organs – organoids

Lab-grown miniature organs (also known as organoids) is a technology area that has the potential to significantly lower costs and failure rates in drug development, and to improve safety.

Sources of funding for innovation, and innovators, in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond

Sourcing funding for innovation is currently at the forefront of many businesses’ agenda in response to the current global pandemic. While it is an uncertain time for many, there are still plenty of funding opportunities available for innovation-led businesses. In this article we highlight some of the funding opportunities available to small businesses, larger businesses […]

Akebia and Fibrogen – Lord Justice Arnold applies “Doctrine of Equivalents”

In this judgment at the High Court, Lord Justice Arnold stepped down from the Court of Appeal to the High Court to hear the case. His findings on infringement may be an indication of Arnold’s desire to set some practical limits on the first and third Actavis equivalence questions. In particular, he applies a rigorous […]